The Babel Tower and the beginning of translation

Many scholars and researchers believe that the history of translation constitutes a major part of the history of culture and humankind. The first translation attempts were recorded after the Babel Tower collapsed, which, according to religious belief, is the origin of foreign languages.

The history of translation begins with the first attempts to translate one of the most important documents at the time: the Bible. By doing this, translation became a research topic and the first translation theories and strategies were enunciated. The first scholar to achieve a full translation of the Bible from Hebrew, Araman and Greek into Latin was Saint Sophronius Eusebius Hieronymus, who is known today to be the spiritual patron of all translators in the world (Nida, 1974). His translation of the Bible, called Biblia Vulgata, is what is still used today by the Roman Church.

Ever since, the translation theories were further developed so that today, translators can rejoice the existence of advanced translation strategies which enable English to Romanian translators to master the art of translation and thus provide quality English to Romanian and Romanian to English translations of any type of document.

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