Community interpreting is an area which is currently growing at a fast pace due to the increase in the number of people requiring such services. Health care interpreting, court or legal interpreting and social service interpreting are common areas – but not the only ones – where an English to Romanian interpreter is most often required.

At Interpret And Translate we offer professional English to Romanian interpreting services which meet your requirements and linguistic needs.

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Do’s and Don’ts during an interpreting session


– do speak freely as if you were speaking in your interlocutor’s language; the interpreter will interpret everything you say, the way you say it so that nothing is changed, added or lost;

– do ask your interlocutor for clarification if there is something you do not understand;


– do not be afraid to say everything you feel you must say with regards to the topic of the conversation; the interpreter will make sure that everything you say is interpreted back to your interlocutor;

– if there is something you are not happy with or if you do not understand something, do not ask the interpreter for clarification or help; instead, address your opinions or fears to your interlocutor because  a professional interpreter will never interfere as his/her job is to be invisible and only speak to interpret what is being said, nothing else;

– if you are asked a question answer it freely and do not think that you should provide any additional clarification to the interpreter;

– do not ask the interpreter to ask or answer questions for you;

– if waiting in the same area with the interpreter, do not ask the interpreter to remind you to say or ask specific questions; the interpreter is not allowed to interfere in the conversation between you and your interlocutor;

– do not feel that you must explain yourself in front of the interpreter; interpreters are impartial and not allowed to judge, interfere or alter messages.

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Community interpreting is an area which is currently growing at a fast more.


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