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Many people ask me which online dictionaries I would recommend to be used for translation purposes. The truth is that there are so many out there but unfortunately, very few are reliable. So, what I would recommend for people to do is to always use a mono-lingual dictionary (it doesn’t really matter which one because they should all agree on definitions), read the definition of the word you are struggling with to translate and make sure you understand what the term refers to. Once you have done that, you are very close to finding a good equivalent in your target language. It only takes a little bit of research (if any) in the target language, and you have your term.
The reason I recommend this practice is that, if you have the smallest amount of work experience in the field of translation, you already know that all translators can never agree on the same choice of terms. They can be very similar, very close and the same techniques and strategies will most likely be used but because translation is a true art (believe me, it really is), it is obvious that two artists cannot produce the same work. Therefore, would you completely trust an ordinary bi-lingual dictionary?
I wouldn’t.

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5 Responses


Very useful
Thank you.

Keep on posting


Thank you Dave. Glad you found it useful.


Great article! I loved the insight and advice given. Also, your blogging style is very pleasing to read. If you have time please take a look at my brand new website and tell me what you think.


Thank you!


I agree with you.
Monolingual dictionaries are very useful as they give you a large choice of definitions. Thank you.

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